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We are writing to ask Orange Township voters to re-elect Robert Quigley as Orange Township trustee. We have known Rob for over eight years and have extensively talked with him about our township's business, finances, growth, development and future. We have had the pleasure to attend many township meetings over the last four years and have watched Rob's passion and commitment to the community and its residents. As a current trustee, he continually brings new ideas to the table to save the township money, improve our amenities and increase our sense of community. He has been involved in cutting utility costs, has helped negotiate a firefighter contract that will save the township $1 million over the next three years, and has implemented employee contribution to their health plans. He also has supported the growth of our township parks system with the addition of Glen Oak Park and many new leisure trails during his term. Rob holds a strong presence in our community. He is frequently seen at township events, local school events and community events with his wife and children, not just as a participant but often as a volunteer. Robert Quigley is a hard-working, honest family man who will receive our vote in November.

Chris and Randee Masciola

As a former Orange Township trustee, I know the hours, research and dedication it takes to serve our residents. But it also takes vision and humility, coupled with a strong backbone. Rob Quigley has demonstrated all of these traits, often against a backdrop of noise, static and distraction. Under Rob's leadership, Orange Township has moved forward with an Economic Development Advisory Board that will help us attract and retain business. That will ease the tax burden for all of us. Rob is approachable. Rob is willing to meet with anyone, anywhere, at any time to discuss whatever matters. Rob listens to all sides of an argument before jumping to conclusions. I appreciate that about Rob. And Rob Quigley works well with others. Just ask any of our Delaware County officials or officials in the neighboring townships and they'll tell you that Rob Quigley has a reputation second to none. That's important, because it allows Rob to get things done for Orange Township, working professionally and amicably with our neighbors. And there are a lot of projects in the works that require that cooperation. Debbie Taranto is another person that we know and admire. She has also stood the test of time, maintaining a cool, calm focus on the issues that really matter, separating the relevant from the irrelevant while making the best choices for Orange Township. Deb Taranto and Rob Quigley work well together on behalf of the township. That's why I'll be voting for Robert Quigley and Debbie Taranto on November.

Nelson and Rosalind Katz 

We are writing to encourage Orange Township voters to re-elect Rob Quigley as township trustee. We met Rob shortly after moving to Orange Township six years ago. We have always been impressed by his leadership qualities. We have witnessed township meetings and have been impressed by his and Debbie Taranto's willingness and attentiveness to listen to residents and address their concerns. He is ethical, takes the concerns of residents seriously, makes logical decisions, and has presented new ideas to strengthen the fiscal stability of Orange Township. His ideas and leadership have contributed the following: the new contract with the fire department will save the township $1 million over the next three years; employees will now contribute more to their own health-care premiums; and he executed an agreement that will save the township thousands in utility costs. He is a dedicated family man, deeply involved in the community, and dedicated to the future of Orange Township. We will be there in November to cast our vote for him and we encourage you to do the same.

Gary and Erin Lambert

As both a former Orange Township Trustee, and a former member of the Orange Township Community Park Board, I had the privilege to serve alongside Rob Quigley. Rob proved to be a sound business person, transferring his knowledge of how to run a business to how to run the township like a business. He proved to be open-minded by seeking input from residents, community groups, businesses, schools, and Orange Township employees. He proved to be fair, gathering input from all sides before making a decision. He serves with no hidden agenda; other than to enhance the Orange Township community. Rob serves with the mindset of “How can we make this happen”, not focusing on why something can’t be done. He seeks ways to make it easier for residents to do business with the township-like membership cards for easier access to the pool, on-line bill paying, on-line forms, and providing meeting notices, agendas, and minutes on the Township website. Echoing that “can-do” spirit is fellow Orange Township Trustee, Debbie Taranto. Founding the Orange Township Business Association, Debbie has always focused on what can we do for Orange Township. Whether creating family experiences in Orange Township like the 4th of July Celebration, including the Race, Parade, and Festival, or working with the Orange Township Community Park Board to make Movies in the Park and Music in the Park a reality, Debbie looks to make a positive impact on the lives of the residents of Orange Township. These trustees are dedicated, positive, forward-thinking individuals who are worthy of your vote on November 5th.

Jennifer Christian

I am writing to express my desire for Orange Township voters to re-elect Robert Quigley as Orange Township trustee. I voted for Rob Quigley in his first election, knowing him to be very honest, good-hearted individual who felt a calling to use his passion and skill set to better assist this township. Over the years I have even gotten to know Rob on a more personal level. Rob is a family man, good friend to others and an all-around gentleman. He is unselfish and always puts others ahead of himself. He is focused on future growth and development and he was a supporter for growing our parks system as well as the new leisure trails, which have created a much stronger sense of community. If you have ever spoken with Rob or addressed him during a township meeting, then you know you always have his undivided attention. He is relentless in doing his very best to make sure that the very best decisions are made. He will continue to remain focused on generating new ideas for local government and by making sure we stay on the cutting edge, all the while being cost-sensitive. He has cut utility costs and played an instrumental role in negotiating the firefighter contract that will save the township over $1 million. Rob is highly visible and he enjoys giving back to our community through volunteering at the schools, organizing social and community activities as well as assisting with local athletics. This is absolutely the type of trustee that Orange Township needs and deserves. I am from the mindset that if you aren't part of the solution, then you might be part of the problem. Rob Quigley is part of the solution for creating a stronger and more fiscally responsible township. I will vote for Rob Quigley on November and I hope you do, too.

Jamie Messenger 

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