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I can't thank everyone enough!

As I have said many times, Orange Township is a great family-oriented community and we couldn’t be prouder to call it home. My family has been surrounded by so many extraordinary people and has made many friends here. I cannot thank enough everyone that has supported me over the last 8 years. This community is very important to me and I can proudly step down as trustee knowing that the hard work we did will ensure its continued growth and stability. 

Over the years we have developed great relationships with community leaders in Orange Township and outside. I am proud that we’ve been able to maintain a financially stable township with exceptional safety services and amenities. We had great success in the healthcare realm through the additions of Children’s Hospital and Mount Carmel. The addition of Evans Farm is a concept that residents have long waited for as it will be a community destination, a place to gather. Orange Township also now has 14 Miles of trails, 7 Orange Township Parks with 112 maintained acres close by for all to enjoy.  

My hopes for the future of the township is to continue to be the leader in Delaware County. Orange Township was namesd the 5th best place to live in Ohio in 2016 by Niche. We have done a lot of work already to lay that foundation to continue that path and I look forward to seeing what the Board of Trustees do to continue that path.

Thank you,
Robert Quigley

Orange Township is a great family-oriented community. My family enjoys living in Orange Township. As a father, husband, and veteran, I have a commitment to service, leadership, and community.

I have proven my leadership in cutting costs and finding ways to operate more efficiently. Working with others, we have implemented more transparency into the township operations. My goal is to be strategic and ensure Orange Townships continues to be a leader in Delaware County with financial stability and longevity. I am always working on ideas to cut costs and will continue to work hard to ensure your tax dollars are spent wisely, while continuing Orange Township's quality of life.

As your Township Trustee, I will continue to work to bring people together and foster an increased sense of community here in Orange Township. Moreover, I will continue to strive to make Orange Township a lifetime community -- one in which individuals will be encouraged to move here, work here, raise their families here, and ultimately retire here. It's what I want for my own family, and hopefully you will join us.

Rick Carfagna

State Representative - 68th District
Ohio House of Representatives